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Apr 15, 2020

Here at ū:who we have no shame in admitting that our tastes are wide and varied when it comes to musical vibes. There are some artists and bands, where there will be never a bad word said about them and One Direction are in that category. When Zayn left it was a sad moment for us – how would they replace the amazing vocals and solid quiff? Well, turns out they did okay and we survived their hiatus with Harry and Niall making some stirling stuff – which will no doubt be written about in due course. However, when Zayn left – we anticipated big things from him, however, it was not until he released “Sour Diesel” did the ū:who team really take note despite hit singles such as “Pillow Talk”.



“Sour Diesel” is the stand out single from the highly anticipated second album from Zayn Malik. The song starts with a deep, but mellow grimy baseline, which is quickly joined by Malik’s distinctive vocal tones. It is not long before the deep base is joined by the out right funk that runs throughout the song. A funk which reminds us from artists from Motown era, into present day Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars and the bass guitar reminds us of RHCP’s Flea when he plays his funky rhythms.



The lyrics are very cleverly written with two potential underlying images running through the story telling of the song. A relationship with a woman or a high from using “Sour Diesel” which is slang for a strain of cannabis. The opening verse “Walks in the place, hands on her waist, Gun on her thigh…” give’s a very seductive femme fatale vibe and makes us think of Scarlett Johannsson’s Black Widow in The Avengers or Angelina Jolie’s Jane Smith in Mr and Mrs Smith. With lines such as “She got it and she knows she got. I’m takin’ off like a rocket. Spaceship so high I can’t stop it”, you cannot help but create that comparison between cannabis and women, which conjures up the thought of relationships where Malik feels most comfortable.



All in all, “Sour Diesel” in our humble opinion is a fantastically funky and filthily sexual song which is often played and makes regular appearances on playlists. We think it is an underrated song and you should all check it out if you haven’t already.


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