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Dec 4, 2020

Tell us a little about yourself…


I grew up in Buffalo, New York in a fairly conservative community in a town that was really into American Football (so I have yet to actually watch a game) and I went to university in Rochester, New York, also a smallish town. So, of course, as soon as I could do, I moved to New York City and I’ve been in Manhattan for the past 27 years. I’m a psychiatrist, formerly an inpatient unit chief, but, for the past ten years exclusively in private practice. Most of my “mad money” goes toward my opera subscription and theater. I love that my 11-year-old godson is now in the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus and also loves opera, so sometimes he is my opera pal. My most recent hobby is scuba diving. I’ve only been doing it for three years, and I want to do so much more! I just bought my own BCD and regulator, so I’m due to try them out in the open water…



What does your Sunday morning routine look like?

Typically, Sunday is a relaxed day and we often designate it as a day for a local mini-adventure or low-key “vacation” in our own city. This could start with lazy walk to the nearby Hudson River and it very often ends there on a beach blanket! One Sunday, that initial lazy walk led us to meander down toward the financial district, a quick ferry ride to Governor’s Island, where we enjoyed a truly lovely lunch and view of Manhattan at Island Oyster. Another Sunday took us up to beautiful Fort Tryon Park and The Cloisters. And yet another led us to a ride on the Sea Glass Carousel in Battery Park, followed by beer and oysters (yes, you are correctly sensing an oyster theme) at The Oyster House at Pier A.



But…before we get to the day’s adventures, neither of us is a particularly late sleeper and Sundays are no different. I usually wake no later than 7am and toddle to the kitchen to make my coffee (more about that later), and then I return to bed and do a quick check of social media before I hunker back down to enjoy at least an hour of reading whatever it is I’m engrossed in at the moment. I like my Sunday morning quiet time!



What is on your Sunday morning playlist?

To be honest, I don’t always think to put on a Sunday morning playlist, since I am content with silence and the sound of chirping birds while I transition into my day. When I do think about music, it’s often a musical ( this Sunday it was Cabaret) or opera. A great favorite is Tristan und Isolde, specifically the 1966 Bayreuth recording, conducted by Karl Bohm and featuring Birgit Nilsson, my favorite Isolde. Another Sunday favorite is Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.



How do you take your coffee (or preferred morning beverage)?

I always prefer my coffee black, no sugar. It is generally a bold, smooth, non-acidic roast. I particularly like the French Brazilian Bourbon Cerrado roast that I get at my local coffee shop, Porto Rico Importing Co, but I also enjoy Jim’s Organic Coffee Blend X aka Witches Brew or Trader Joe’s Bay Blend. I enjoy my brew of the day in my trusty pottery mugs that I picked up in Woodstock Artists village or in my jaunty polka dotted extra large red mug.



Sunday Brunch? What does it look like?

Typically Sunday brunch is some form of homemade fry-up – eggs, sausage or Canadian bacon, and toast (or “English Muffins”). He has orange juice and I just sip my coffee. If we do go out, there are a few casual places nearby where we can sit and have basically the same fry-up, but perhaps adding a Bloody Mary!


What song/album do you never get bored listening to?

I’m afraid I’m very fickle. I have a lot of favorites, and I like a lot of genres, and I move around a lot.


What song can you not stop listening to right now?

Funnily enough, it’s Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. My Barre instructor recently used it in her playlist and it has been my (welcome) earworm ever since. It puts some pep into my step, so to speak! Although I would argue that sexy never left the house in the first place.

What is the favourite room in your house and why?

Right now, it’s the kitchen, which is fairly spacious for a NYC kitchen. I’ve been enjoying doing more nesting and cooking, and the kitchen is a warm place, decorated in red and gold.



What is your favourite piece of furniture you own and why?

My big comfy red reading chair. It is too big for the space, but it is soft and squishy and it hugs me just the right way when I am curled up reading.



What is your current Sunday morning reading material at the minute?

Right now, it’s a re-read of the Hunger Games trilogy, but I always have some sort of novel or series of short stories going, either on my bedside table or on my Kindle.



Thanks to Mia for taking the time to write that for us, we hope you enjoyed. Should you wish to feature in this series please do get in touch.

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