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Apr 9, 2020

At ū:who lifestyle, there is nothing more ū:who than an easy Sunday morning. Sundays to us are all about putting on a fresh pot of coffee, picking some relaxing musical vibes then browsing magazines and newsfeeds for the latest inspirational posts. It often follows with lazy late brunch before deciding how productive we might be with the remainder of the day. Having usually been busy with work throughout the week, Sundays are a day of catching up with either rest or friends and family. In what we hope will be a regular and entertaining part of ū:who, we would like to post the first “Easy like a Sunday Morning….” which aims to take a lazy perusal of what people’s Sunday mornings consist of and provide some inspiration on all things coffee, music, the written word and interior design. The ū:who lifestyle if you will? The regular questions will be posed to all our contributors as well as getting a brief snapshot into who they are and what they’re up to right now.


What does your Sunday morning routine look like?

Sundays are usually a lazy day for team ū:who. Unless we have been out the night before, it usually involves setting an alarm to make sure we don’t sleep in too long so that we lose the day and the week starts off badly. The alarm sounds at around 9am and through usually reluctant blurry eyes involves padding around the apartment until the desire to return to bed has resolved. Next, usually involves deciding how the day is going to shape up which involves whether it is going to be a quick coffee, or whether we can treat ourselves to a lazy coffee morning. It is normally the latter – which would involve picking out the choice of coffee bean and fiddling with them trying not the spill them whilst we pour them into my manual coffee grinder. A few minutes of cursing, usually involves having to find some music to play from Spotify, for what is known as the “coffee grinder dance” as we contemplate why we didn’t invest in an electric grinder. But hey… anaesthetics of the manual ones are much better right?

Once the coffee is on, we will sit and enjoy whilst listening to music, reading and contemplate life. Mostly the first thoughts of the day involve where we will be going for breakfast and if there is anything else on the days itinerary.



What is on your Sunday morning playlist?

Spotify usually throws out some classic “coffee shop vibes” with artists like James Arthur, Niall Horan and Harry Styles. If it is slow paced, involves a guitar then that is most likely playing on a Sunday morning. Sometimes, there are more sassy vibes with artists such as Masego and ELIZA.

Once the coffee is brewing, depending on how lazy we are feeling, we may drink the coffee in bed whilst listening to some vinyls, with tastes moving towards more Motown and “Magic Radio vibes”, with a favourite being Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life.



How do you take your coffee (or preferred morning beverage)?

If we have been out drinking the night before the first drink is actually a cup of tea, Yorkshire Tea, builders style with soya milk. If we are not feeling sensitive to the world it’s black coffee. Usually we like to sit in the mild to medium roast category, particularly on a Sunday when there will be a couple of cups consumed in a short space of time. Sometimes espressos are needed!



Sunday Brunch? What does it look like?

As a rule, if we go out – then it is likely to involve a full “English breakfast” or poached eggs on toast with coffee and orange juice. Sometimes, American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup make an appearance, but often will depend on where we are eating.



What song/album do you never get bored listening to?

Arctic Monkeys are right up there. Is there a bad album of theirs? Not for us. “505” with its sensual lyrics and guitar riffs are real a winner. Then “I Wanna Be Yours”is just a beaut, obviously originally a poem by John Cooper Clarke, there is just a rugged working class beauty to it with the Arctic Monkeys putting their spin on it. Never get bored of that.



What song can you not stop listening to right now?

Harry Styles. Anything by him. He is an absolute sort isn’t he? Ridiculously good looking and an all round good guy. I think “Adore You”, “Falling” and “Watermelon Sugar” are stand out tracks on his new album “Fine Line”. Must give a mention to Niall Horan and James Arthur as their new stuff is getting a lot of air time too.



What is the favourite room in your house/flat and why?

Has to be the bedroom. “Cos that’s where the magic happens….sleep” – we are really fortunate that we have an amazing view out of the bedroom window. Plus, we have the sound of running water, birds and other wildlife to go to sleep to. Check out a few shots of what is at the bottom of the garden….



What is your favourite piece of furniture you own and why?

A tough one for sure, there are some contenders up there for sure. There is a vintage trunk which is used as a coffee table in the living room, then a couple of pieces of florentine – a cabinet and a coffee table. Then there is another coffee table, which is Danish and brings back memories from childhood. I would have to say and this is breaking away from our own questions, its’ a piece of art that we have in our bedroom fireplace. It brings back childhood memories and makes anywhere feel like home.



What is your current Sunday reading material at the minute?

Hate to say it, but, terrible for completing things and seeing it to the end. Mostly on a Sunday would be reaching for the news app on the phone, flicking through magazine articles, such as GQ and Vogue. Something really light and easy to end the week and prepare for what is usually a busy one moving ahead.



Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoyed. Check back for the next instalment of “Easy Like Sunday Morning…”

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